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January 22nd, 2018

Day 7

Hard to believe that by this day I had only been in the USA for a week.

I suppose it counts as a week given the first day was 3 days long or something. The morning started with the usual. Delicious breakfast by Tammy and I was learning how to make my own coffee by this stage I think. Or at least I knew how long to leave it until I pressed the plunger down. Heidi's houses and their adorableness had fully seeped into my innards. My stuff started to be all over the place. I felt at home. Finally convinced Rosie to give me a detailed tour of her vege gardens, complete with umbrellas for the hot weather. Pretty amazing since she swears this was her first vege garden. Everything looked so perky. Was it the carrots you were going to have to mow Rosie?

More agility. Suddenly everything didn't seem so scary. PiePie stopped crashing everything trying to understand what I was asking him, I stopped throwing him around in a washing machine. We actually did things with grace and wow, was he the most magnificent to handle when it was so lovely. I remember getting heart eyes the whole day when I looked at him. I thanked him profusely at our stock tank. I told him it was very kind of him to do jumpy-dog so carefully for me while I learnt how to wave my arms in time with my feet and run smoothly-fast-slow. He made a noise back at me that sounded a lot like Aslan.

This day also had CrackPug. My fave. Also all the dogs that ran in the afternoon turned out to be my fave. Later in the day trip to Portland!

Together 😍😍😍

These ponies hilarious and perfect