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January 21st, 2018

Righto where are we up to? Day 6

I love that this is going to take me about a year to write, my memories probably blurrier and blurrier as time goes on. By day 20 I'll be confusing it with a trip to Tasmania I took as a kid or something.


Day 6 was further Agilities with Tori. I tried to help by the day by making more watermelon salad so that I could eat more watermelon salad. Sadly it just wasn't the same when I made it.

I got to meet Mary this day, one of the nicest people ever. I got to see Rumble and Rosie together on the field and they are such a great team when I hear they never practice. I would be so so crap if i never practiced. I remember Naomi bringing Addie and being amazed how super adorable she is. She's a show stopper. Everyone was super sweet.

Another casualty for the seminar was Jennifer who had her horrific crash the day before.
She asked me if I would run Flyte. Flyte is like a little tinier Badger, so so similar. I think I described her as like wearing comfortable pajamas. I was certainly not perfect handling her but I learnt some key things from Tori to be put away in my mind for future use.

Now HotPie. You scary Muthafukka. I just today finally got the courage to watch the video Tammy had taken of us. And yep, it was as bad as I thought. In the video I can see why, it's totally obvious but of course at the time I had never run a Hotpie before and I didn't have the luxury of watching myself and man it was hot that day. It's all the little things that come together after years of working together. How far to put him from the start line, is it ok his stand-stay is a bit sideways, does Tammy mind if I reward him anyway even if he missed that weave pole, Oh yep he WILL powerfully come in and grab that tug (how do I now stop him from breaking his neck?), what does he need to know to slow down? And you can imagine all of the same stuff is going on in his mind, where is she going? Did she just say go? Why doesn't she know my backside cue? Man she has long dangly arms, Woah Whoa I think she's changing sides... abort abort. Our second day together went pretty much as woefully as our first plus the courses were more difficult but credit to both Pie and I, we soldiered on. We have some things in common me and Pie, our legs and our love of agility despite its challenges, stock tanks and liking Tammy. We bonded over our common likes that day.

This was the day though that I learnt what I had come over to learn. How to slow down. I know that sounds weird but it's something I really struggle with and with Tori's help it became really clear what I needed to do.

That night I think we all passed out in the lounge room. It had been a big hot day. I started eating a lot of berries that night. So effing delicious. And I think I helped put the chickens away with Rosie. Probably should also note that Heidi's garden seemed the most amazing that day.