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January 7th, 2018

Day 5. Agility and watermelon salad

I don't know how I managed to kick Rosie out of her room for my stay but I did.  I scored Fred too.  And then when I woke up in the morning Tammy made us breakfast. A full cooked breakfast with choices. We ate with Dawn and Tori and Tammy and Rosie and Sarah and Heidi and I remember being very sleepy.  This whole day was a bit of a blur really.  I think I finally took a breath and that made me quite dumb.  I just have snatches of memories from this day so this post will be less coherant than normal.

I remember a berry breakfast omelette thing that was incredible.  I remember Cake ceremoniously bringing me a bit of toy because she thought she would like to play now.  Said my goodbyes to Dawn who had driven me a bazillion miles to go everywhere.  Sent her back to whence she came.  Somehow the seminar started and I chuckled at the adorable umbrellas because sooooo Tammy.  I think this was when we found out Jennifer had rolled her caravan. Absolutely shocking.

I loved auditing the first session because watching dogs in real life that you have only seen on the internet is both odd and completely familiar.  Everyone was very good and people were lovely to chat to me despite feeling a bit shy. Then Heidi blew up her knee and I was very kindly offered Dove to run.  I was extremely lucky and although she thought my accent was horrible we eventually got a little thing going on and she worked very nicely for the Australian.  She was very much like running a strong butterfly. Her little feathers on her back legs were my favorite.

Lunch break, delicious.  Watermelon salad I've never had before.  Bloody delicious.  It had bits of feta in it and mint.  Holy crap so good.

Then the afternoon I had a go at running Hotpie.  Holy wows that was a learning curve.  The pressure of the owner watching you potentially break their dog is enormous.  The fact that Tammy let me run him is amazing.  I was overawed by his hugeness and that thing inside many of us about not wanting to publicly embarrass yourself.  It's also very distracting to run a dog that good looking.  You don't think about that but Badge is very ummm sweet but plain, whereas running Hifi is like running a super model.  It's hard not to get distracted by that.  Plus he runs completely differently to Badge.  Like I've always said Badge is like a little dirtbike whereas Hifi really was like running Aslan. 

I've told you about this confidence hit because it sets the scene for a nice story of overcoming adversity in later days. 

Tori was a lovely teacher, that was one thing I worried about because I'm very bad when other people tell me what to do.  I have to be selective with my instructors because most I click with but a good deal of them I don't and I want to punch them.  I didn't want to punch Tori at all and I learnt a lot.  She has a very calming presence.  That comes across online as well, like there is a rock inside of Tori that is unshakable, unwaivering.  It's cool.

During all of this I kept sneaking back to the lunch table and eating more watermelon salad.  Even offering to clean up the leftovers in order to eat the remaining bowl of watermelon salad.

I think that night we went and bought an air conditioner.  I remember how normal it felt to be going shopping with Tammy because after all we had done this a million times hadn't we? I was still at the stage of being amazed by everything American like the shorts I tried to buy being in sizes I couldn't comprehend and carts for overweight people.  Here is Tammy stealing one so that we can use it as a trolley

I can't remember anything else that night. I'm sure we ate something crazy good.

I slept well that night with my Fred friend panting beside me.