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Oct. 15th, 2016

Not sure if my Oregon friends are inside tornadoes right now? Are there sharks?

Plus I think it is Dawny's birthday either today, yesterday or in the next 3 days . I can't trust LJ to account for intergalactic time differences and other such things. Happy Birthdays Dawn!

Another sweeeeeeet bin

I tell you what, when it comes to bins I am locating myself like a hero. You're never going to beat this. I could almost reach it from my campsite.

Sydney is hot. Melbourne has been miserably cold so this is like flying overseas. Except in a car and everyone still speaks with the same accent.

I've had very many "whaaaaa I want my van back!" moments but I am learning to cope with car camping. It's not a bad car for camping, I'm just used to having all the space one could ever want. BUT it is super reliable and has fancy cup coolers that keep your water bottle icy cold. Jav fell asleep with his head in it and gave himself an icecream headache.

Tomorrow seminar fun times !

On the road to Sydney

Struggling to get my mouth around this one

we stayed in Yackandandah last night

Many things still occuring

My poor little LJ, so neglected.

So Pan is very unwell with what may or may not be pancreatitis.  This is hard to watch her go through, as is any dog that turns incapacitated overnight.  She is so so flat the poor thing.  Hopefully she is a little better today and finally eats something.  Luckily mum can look after her (who had her arm operated on this week to remove a pre-melanoma) while I race up to Sydney for the Orenius& Emanuelsson seminar with Badger and Javelin.  Obviously Javelin does not have a working spot, he will be there as a thoughtful strapper who is looking forward to spotting NSW rabbits.

Feeling just a litte like everything is tospy turvy

Badger on the other hand is never tospy turvy.  My goal of getting 5 passes in Master's jumping before Christmas is looking very achievable given we have 4 out of the 5 already.  I can't believe it.  Hopefully we can get that last one.  I'm no Tammy Moody but I feel like we are getting more consistent.

And I had a goal last year of building the lab at work.  I'm doing it.  It's terrifying. But I just show up and make random calls about tile colours and glass partition locations and sink draining boards on the right or the left.  You just make the best call you can and hope it's not too bad.  Then it kind of comes together like magic.

Here's to all the movers

This morning is Mum Moving Day and I'm sitting with my fire on while it pours down with rain outside.  There is nothing like a wood fire for making you feel snuggly and cosy.  Badger has a soggy mowhawk from standing out in the rain while pondering why I am out in the rain.  Pan came out for a millisecond and then high tailed it back inside.  Javelin we have not seen for hours.  He's currently working on devising a theory on the sun's orbit within a greater universe.  I wouldn't want to interupt him.

So much moving going on with LJ pals.  I'm thinking of you all this morning.  All around the other side of the world organising, deciding and packing and shifting and readjusting and unpacking and settling.  Quite incredible.

May your decisions be made easily xxxxxoooo

In other news I crashed Barry a couple of days ago.  Bye bye Barry.  He is a write off.  Can't say I am that sad but geez my timing was impecable.  I think I've bought a new car.  A Nissan Xtrail.  I'm ok and I'm really glad the dogs weren't in the van.  Very lucky.  Then tried to burn down the house by leaving the oven on overnight.  I wondered why it was so warm in the house last night hehehee.

Ahhhhh life rarely gets boring :D
Well on the eve of Beripmo overnight hike with my brother (my first attempt at a proper overnight hike with the dogs after years of dreaming) the weather forecast has changed to extreme destructive winds and heavy rain.  Ahhhh even my annoyance of having everything planned and packed and all my little snack packs made up and having to bail at the last minute can't get me to consider being in a tent with that forecast.  Luckily due to my new found acceptance of everything and that nothing needs to be perfect we will do a windy day walk instead.  At least I will have checked out the area in order to potentially try overnight hiking it again.  Not sure if it will be this year though.  It's all systems go after this week.  With a bit of luck Pan might still be able to hike next year, or if luck isn't on our side we won't.  And that's sad but ok too.

I look forward to getting out in the warm weather before the cold hits us again for a week.  I wonder if I should weight Javelin tomorrow?  He may lift off and get blown away in the wind.

Shit damn, pats on the back for me for not being nearly as mad and disappointed and embarrased as usual about something like this.  Funny how easy life can be.
I'll never stop finding Paint funny

Bringing the Spring

More light, more fecundity. I am crazy for this time of year

Paint returns

After a long painful battle with my last work issued laptop I have managed to accidently kill it and have been showered with a new and beautifully NORMAL laptop. The trackpad is perfectly usable and thus returns my ability to make stupid paint pictures once more.
I didn't really have any paint style stories to tell, but they will come.

 I too will break my toe on cords soon and I promise to vividly represent it with the perfectness of paint.

For now, this.  My first test run tonight.

In unrelated Badger news, AGILITY IS BACK.  Badger reports this to be the most bestest thing in the whole wide world ever and he never wants to do stupid winter resting breaks ever again. His face was almost grinning apart today.  I thought I was going to have to rub vasaline into his face to stop it cracking.

He must be the exception because he really doesn't love hiking like he loves agility.  Pan on the other hand is trialling some anti inflams for her problems and damn, she is looking really good and wants MORE HIKING AND STICKS.

Jav has a little heart mumur according to the vet.  He said to watch for him being tired.  I'm not really sure how to check if Javelin is tired because he sleeps 23.5 hours a day normally.  Hmmmm.

P.S.  Still very happy.  That's about three months now.


I like bunn's idea. Transportable and mildly comfortable.  Pan didn't seem too worried, on the scale of things she's concerned about.