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I'll write something properly soon

So for now dot points

- I found an online shop for people like me with super huge bodies called Long Tall Sally. They come from the UK. The pants I've received so far are AMAZINGLY perfect! So much pants! All the way to the bottom of my legs. Plus it means I can wear pants normally, like a normal person. It's very fun to keep getting my packages and I may go on a pant buying rampage. I can't stop. All the pants will be mine!

- Badger and I have some connection to work on over the next few weeks. We actually did pretty well at our first comp back but it's hard not to focus on the mistakes more than the good parts. We did a push back from our running dogwalk and he hit beautifully considering it is his hardest type of turn (soft left). He had a sweet low hit in another run. What would make it even better if ;-) we both get more confident with Japanese turns. We thought we were confident but it turns out we have more confidence to build.

- It has been a very mild summer this year in Melbourne. Nowhere else in Australia but I'm in a jumper down here. brrrrrr

Very Impressed with this Summer

Me and me Badge are on a walk. We thought we would share some sunshine

Hahaha globe head sun god

I don't know what Badger and Pan did but they both got a nasty dose of gastro last week.  Poor Badgie, his little bottom hole was burnt from all the liquid it expelled, and then he tried to tidy himself up before I had time to hose off his pants (having your pants hosed is a disgracefully shameful event apparently) and in turn he burnt his lips.  Dogs truly are disgusting even if they are trying not to be disgusting.

I was about to take him to the vet on day 4 after miraculous rice water didn't work, then suddenly he got better but sadly Pan then started vomiting so she went to the vet instead.  Given how badly she went down last time and with the public holidays I thought better to be safe than sorry.  Antibiotics fixed her up within 24 hours.

Bundled old lady Pan in the car (her favorite thing) and we went for a drive.  We went to many places and checked out  beaches and forest.  It was sort of relaxing knowing we didn't have to find a big walk, only small walks for my recovering patients.

Found this gorgeous little waterfall that was tucked so far into the forest that no one can be bothered thinking up whether dogs should be there or not.  I decided for them.

Doesn't Jav do a perfect job of rotating his head in this video? He is a natural for TV.

Well that's different

Question for today:  Can Javelin read the internet?

Because when we were at the beach yesterday and I was having a little paddle I looked back towards the shore and there were my dogs: Pan barking as loudly as possible at a log under the water, Badger standing dutifully beside her taking little pot shots at nipping her back legs while she is mid bark, and Javelin standing at the water's edge with the face of petulant disdain.  His eyes narrowed and mightily prim.

There is only so long a person can listen to a dog barking at a log under the water so I call Pan and Badger to swim out to me.  I've been noticing more and more often that Javelin and Badger have a decent amount of competition between them.  It shows up in the funniest places and given they are both peace lovers they keep it to just trying to be cooler than the other one.  Before Pan or Badger can start to launch themselves out to me I see the oddest thing.  Javelin lurches forward and trots straight into the water that is over his shoulder.  I wait for him to bail on this crazy idea of his.  He doesn't.  He just keeps coming.  I realise at one point he is most definitely swimming.  He can't not be swimming.  His determined little head is cruising towards me like a little black boat.

It was the strangest day.  The only other time he swam voluntarily was after that wallaby I think.

Merry swimming

We swam at the dam this afternoon.  I don't often get in the dam, maybe once every few years because the yabbies spook me a little.  The water is always murky and so when your feet sink into the clay you feel little things bump your ankles and you can't see what they are.  But this afternoon was just all too perfect to not get in with the yabbies.  The water was bath-warm.

Giving me the eye of demand

Javelin mad that we had to ruin Christmas with swimming.  Urgghh

Who wants the ball?

Not Javelin that's for sure.

Richness & Fear (Services)

I'm sitting at the Nissan Service Centre.

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Miracle cure

Pan went to the beach on Saturday, then to a waterfall on Monday, to the park on Tuesday and then to the beach again on Wednesday.  This is a lot of exercise for my suddenly very elderly dog.  She is usually limpy after sand because it appears to do something to her back.  Hence the purchase of the cart.

But do you know that if you buy a $59 cart and tow it down to the sand and then pull it along the beach for about 45mins that your dog IS COMPLETELY CURED OF ALL AILMENTS.  That is quite cheap compared to other therapies.  Pan did not need to go in the cart at all for any of these journeys.

I assume her back problem is like other people/dog's back problems where they come and go.  Tell me about your back problems. Please.

In other Pan news her heart is going mental. Sometimes you can see it trying to jump out of her chest. Sometimes you can feel it beating super fast.  Sometimes it is normal.  She is going to the vet tomorrow but I fear this will not bode well for Pan's longevity.

Hence the enormous joy it is to have her barking her head off and digging giant holes beside me on the beach today.  When I got up off the sand she had almost quarried all around me and I was left perched up on an island like those New Zealand cows during the earthquake.  I can no longer hear anything as I now have industrial deafness from her barking.


Just went to the most gorgeous park on the most gorgeous day

The roses are off the charts delicious

Sense of peace

Camped at the last competition of the year and the weather is gorgeous for camping. No rain! No crazy wind! In fact being at a competition without extreme weather has been rare recently so I am chuffed with today.

And a feeling of peace has come over me . I don't know why this is. Perhaps it's about sleeping in a tent , perhaps it's about the bedding Kate leant me because I forgot a doona. Maybe I really like Geelong suddenly but I have an odd sense of everything clinking into place. A feeling of being in exactly the right place at the right time yet nothing is happening. My heart is relaxed and my stomach is calm and my jaw is slack and everything is taking a big sigh.

How lovely