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Miracle cure

Pan went to the beach on Saturday, then to a waterfall on Monday, to the park on Tuesday and then to the beach again on Wednesday.  This is a lot of exercise for my suddenly very elderly dog.  She is usually limpy after sand because it appears to do something to her back.  Hence the purchase of the cart.

But do you know that if you buy a $59 cart and tow it down to the sand and then pull it along the beach for about 45mins that your dog IS COMPLETELY CURED OF ALL AILMENTS.  That is quite cheap compared to other therapies.  Pan did not need to go in the cart at all for any of these journeys.

I assume her back problem is like other people/dog's back problems where they come and go.  Tell me about your back problems. Please.

In other Pan news her heart is going mental. Sometimes you can see it trying to jump out of her chest. Sometimes you can feel it beating super fast.  Sometimes it is normal.  She is going to the vet tomorrow but I fear this will not bode well for Pan's longevity.

Hence the enormous joy it is to have her barking her head off and digging giant holes beside me on the beach today.  When I got up off the sand she had almost quarried all around me and I was left perched up on an island like those New Zealand cows during the earthquake.  I can no longer hear anything as I now have industrial deafness from her barking.


Just went to the most gorgeous park on the most gorgeous day

The roses are off the charts delicious

Sense of peace

Camped at the last competition of the year and the weather is gorgeous for camping. No rain! No crazy wind! In fact being at a competition without extreme weather has been rare recently so I am chuffed with today.

And a feeling of peace has come over me . I don't know why this is. Perhaps it's about sleeping in a tent , perhaps it's about the bedding Kate leant me because I forgot a doona. Maybe I really like Geelong suddenly but I have an odd sense of everything clinking into place. A feeling of being in exactly the right place at the right time yet nothing is happening. My heart is relaxed and my stomach is calm and my jaw is slack and everything is taking a big sigh.

How lovely

Pan's possible birthday

Pan doesn't have a known birthday but there was a day I chose when she was competing to put on the forms.

I should look that day up but either way Pan is 12 or more and yesterday seemed like a good day to be officially 12.

She got to go to the beach, her favourite. And she even ran a bit and didn't hurt her back/leg problem. I purchased a cart from Kmart that is designed for taking up to 100kgs of things to the beach. So I'm assuming that includes Lurchers. It moved really well on the sand and it wasn't too much of a hassle to pull around once I strapped it to my waist. It got a little draining when I had a strong head wind at the end though. But really very easy and also handy to put things in, like interesting shells and Pan's sticks and wet harnesses. She probably only spent 20mins in it but being able to rest made a huge difference to how far we could go.

Just write something, anything

I knew a while ago that October was going to be a bit of a battle and I'm through it!

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Javelin meets surfers

"I like the cut of your tights young men"

Btw Pan is much much better

My face in your face

A Badger in your face is just what you needed you just don't know it yet

And here is a sideways family eating carrots

Oct. 15th, 2016

Not sure if my Oregon friends are inside tornadoes right now? Are there sharks?

Plus I think it is Dawny's birthday either today, yesterday or in the next 3 days . I can't trust LJ to account for intergalactic time differences and other such things. Happy Birthdays Dawn!

Another sweeeeeeet bin

I tell you what, when it comes to bins I am locating myself like a hero. You're never going to beat this. I could almost reach it from my campsite.

Sydney is hot. Melbourne has been miserably cold so this is like flying overseas. Except in a car and everyone still speaks with the same accent.

I've had very many "whaaaaa I want my van back!" moments but I am learning to cope with car camping. It's not a bad car for camping, I'm just used to having all the space one could ever want. BUT it is super reliable and has fancy cup coolers that keep your water bottle icy cold. Jav fell asleep with his head in it and gave himself an icecream headache.

Tomorrow seminar fun times !